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Please let me introduce myself my name is Brenda Stephens, I am a 45 year old women I reside in Saskatoon, SK.  I grew up in a small community which I am very grateful for,  I loved the peacefulness and small town mind set,  It really differs from a city setting.  I am a single Mother who raised three wonderful Children.  They are all grown now but they will always be the center of my world ! 

I am creating this Web Site for the purpose of much needed awareness for Mental Health And Addictions In Saskatoon.
My Web Page information is based on my personal experiences while I have been involved with assisting my Son to find Treatment and Care in Saskatoon over the past year with his Mental Health and Addictions Illness.   You will also find many actual documentation and l inks that reflect the attempts that were made to find appropriate care and Treatment for my Son over the past many many months.  My Son himself engaged in his needed Treatment  with the Health Region but has been refused effective care and treatment that can potentially save his life.

  This Illness is certainly a family Illness we have all became a victim of a very unorganized Health Care system and have suffered greatly.   I am " Shocked "  to have learned, witnessed and experienced first hand If you or your loved one is suffering with Mental Health & Addictions In Saskatoon you will " NOT "  find effective Care / Treatment here in Saskatoon !  The Health Care Services you will receive is further damaging to this type of  Illness that is if you survive !  Recently I have viewed much media coverage that is suggesting our Health Region is dedicated to people whom are suffering with Mental Health and Addictions  " I can assure you this is defiantly not the case for my Son and others In Saskatoon ! "  I highly recommend If you or your loved one is suffering with this Illness please do your research and learn as much as you can to help yourself  !

  Early Intervention is the key that the Saskatoon Health Region is UN willing to offer people who are stuck in there terrible disease ! "  Unfortunately our Health Care System Is defiantly designed to detour people and how this is achieved is simply refusing to respond or treat Individuals appropriately for any type of recovery especially If there Illness is progressive and dominating.  This Illness I have witnessed and experienced is defiantly seen as a burden to our Health Region !   It truly saddens me to know many people in Saskatoon are suffering and reaching out as my Son has, but know they will not receive the proper care to enable them to recover and move forward with a productive healthy life.   The Region and  Ministries fix for these very Ill people are " Shelters "  people are not given a choice. 

  My Son, his family and friends have sadly witnessed In addition experienced the devastating solutions that the Saskatoon Health Regions sets forth for people in need of Mental Health and Addictions Treatment.   They are simply sent to shelters.  Eventually these shelters are going to become over capacity and then what ?   Does the Region have a plan for this as its a matter of time this will be Saskatoon's reality.   After having traveled this long exhausting twisted journey with my Son to find effective treatment and care, It saddens me to learn what many people are having to endure when they are dealing with Mental Health and Addictions with the Saskatoon Health Region.  Without help there " will "  be an increase in violence, destruction, death in addition a huge concern for our communities safety and it will continue to escalate at a very high rate as our economy is challenging for everyone but is crippling to some who struggle.

I have witnessed these Shelters, I can assure you these are  "defiantly not a place you would send any loved ones ! " 

I have just began to create this Web Site in hopes it will create awareness to the Crisis in Saskatoon as well hopes to create much needed change!   Shelters are certainly not the answer they are just fueling the fire, soon it will be a situation that is completely out of control if something Is not done and we continue to ignore this problem.   We are in need of Treatment Facilities to concur this deadly disease.!

As this Web Page has been created for the purpose to work towards change, awareness of this crisis is our first step!   I welcome all people to share there experiences on my web page in hopes we can pull together as a community and make a difference to create much needed change for the people in need of help, support, treatment in and around the Saskatoon area.  I am willing to speak with you, correspond by e mail or phone to learn your story and create awareness or simply to share your story with no publications sometimes we just need to share are thoughts, experiences, ideas ect when we are struggling and are unable to find the right help. 

Please keep checking my page as I will adding and updating important relevant Information that can help people with this crisis in Saskatoon.